What People Are Saying About Us!

I have known Lisa for coming up five years. I first met her when she came to the yard where I kept my horse and from the moment I met her she was friendly and easy to talk to. She transformed the area of the yard that she was renting by painting it and putting up hanging baskets to make it look presentable, there was not one day while she was at the yard that it looked untidy. The horses were always well looked after and never wanted for anything. She was not responsible for my horse but was always willing to offer support and advice whenever I needed it, if I ever needed some company to hack out with she was the first to offer her assistance and never told me she did not have time. She left the yard on excellent terms and I have missed her ever since. She is an asset to any yard bringing with her a brilliant personality, a mountain of knowledge and a passion and love for horses which is reflected in the way she cares for them

I have been working in the veterinary industry for many years now and in my opinion Lisa is a very experienced, knowledgeable, realistic equestrian livery owner. Lisa and her grooms treat every horse as their own, giving them all the highest quality of care as a livery service. Our owners are all friendly and helpful, with great facilities and amazing hacking. The yard is on sand which means the fields don’t get muddy, plus the hacking is good all year round. Lisa and Jeremy are friendly, caring and approachable livery owners, making being on assisted DIY a breeze. I have a great respect for them and their grooms and routinely ask them to look after Spree, which I do with no worries. I would absolutely recommend Loxhill Livery, for any type of livery.

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